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Zeolite Cancers

Zeolite Cancer

The Zeolite molecule is a major breakthrough in natural anti virus and cancer therapy. It is a powerful natural remedy against Ebola, HIV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Zika and whatever viral “epidemic” seems to be going around. And Zeolite Cancer (Zeolite-AV) is a potent natural cancer fighter that starves off cancerous tumors whether malignant or benign.


In fact many drug companies use the active ingredient (micronized zeolite powder) and change it so they can patent it and then sell it to people at 100 times the cost. And it is still not as effective as the natural pharmaceutical grade micronized zeolite formula. Discover what happens when you mix zeolite and cancer!


zeolite for cancer


Zeolite for Cancer

Zeolite for Cancer; can natural zeolites stop malignant cancers? The Zeolite AV formula contains 2 powerful all natural ingredients (Zeolite Powder and Humic Acid) which have been proven to stop cancerous tumor growth, remove toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, act as an antiviral, balance the pH in the body, rapidly boost the immune system and allow your body to be healed. It goes after the source of what is causing your cancer in the first place (cellular toxins, environmental chemical residues, and viruses).


zeolite cancer


Natural Remedies for Cancer

Why don't you ever hear of Natural Remedies for Cancer from the Cancer Societies? You think after over a hundred years of research and Trillions of dollars from donations and fees from traditional cancer treatments, they would have “cured” it? It's not in their interests to let you know about a natural cancer remedy, they would close if it was cured naturally! They will not sit by and lose trillions of dollars in donations, and fees just so you and your loved ones can heal and cure.


Fortunately, there are so many natural remedies and herbs for cancer that actually work, don't get you sicker than a dog, and are inexpensive too. You'll find a powerful natural cancer remedy at the bottom of this article that is both safe, and effective and has a lot of other benefits too.


I use zeolite cancer and antiviral regularly along with Colloidal Silver and am never sick from any “bug” or outbreak that is all around me, and as a cancer preventative. Traditional cancer therapy actually CAUSES cancer (Particularly Chemotherapy and Radiation, which are known carcinogens). They try and treat (not cure) cancer by causing cancer? No wonder it has such a low success rate, and the cancer usually returns like gangbusters, wonder why? Please…


natural cancer cure 

Viruses and Cancer

There is a definite link between cancer and viruses and that is exactly why this zeolite cancer remedy was made (Zeolite-AV.) The fact is that viruses and viral infections are the ultimate cause of many chronic inflammatory and immunologic conditions, especially those leading to cancer! You may have never heard this before because it has been swept under the rug, but with the advent of the internet and free information you can get to the bottom of anything.


I don't recommend vaccines either because they actually cause illness (autism, and even death) in a lot of people and don't even take care of the reason you got it in the first place. A lot of risk for no reward, no thanks! Read the following article (includes a leading immunology doctor's presentation on Are Vaccines Safe?).


Watch this video by a very bright Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tent, that shows absolutely the link between viruses and cancers and if you don't get rid of the viruses you won't get rid of cancers either! They will always come back.



Zeolite Benefits

  • Stops Cancer Growth Cycle (Strips Protective Coating Away, And They Get Zapped)
  • Removes Viruses Hiding In Your Body (Traps & Removes Them Safely)
  • Prevents and Treats Cold and Flu Virus
  • Protects Against Viral Outbreaks (Coronaviruses like Covid-19 and variants, Ebola, HPV, HIV, Swine, Bird, Zika, Norovirus, Rotavirus, Hantavirus)
  • Helpful for Lyme Disease and Autoimmune Conditions
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne relief
  • Removes Heavy Metals Poisoning (mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead)
  • Removes Mycotoxins (Mold Spores, Yeast, Fungal Infections)
  • Increases Bone Density and Red Blood Cells
  • Improves Blood Oxygenation
  • Restores Lost Energy (Makes You Feel Rejuvenated as They Energy Vampires are Gone!)
  • This form of zeolite is mined specifically for human consumption and under top quality control.


Natural Antibiotics

Zeolite Cancer formula (Zeolite-AV) is a powerful Natural Antibiotic! The Zeolite Cancer remedy is anti-microbial, anti-mycotoxin, anti-viral and help heal your body naturally from a host of chronic diseases and protect you from viral epidemics and acute infections. Virus infections can be lethal and spread quickly like the Corona Virus is doing now. In fact zeolite is one of the best Natural Treatment for Coronavirus you can get. Viruses have been implicated as an underlying cause of cancer.


The good thing is that this natural zeolite crystal is highly affective against them both. That and keeping your body highly alkaline and you will not be the person getting or spreading any virus and developing cancer, instead you will be free from them and helping others do the same.


Here is how Viruses like Ebola and Other Lethal Viruses Infect and Spread in Your Body:


The zeolite powder in this zeolite cancer formula is the one used in scientific research and medical studies and is showing to be extremely effective against a whole host of pathogens and viruses. The Humic Acid complex in Zeolite AV is a proprietary concentrated product not found anywhere else on earth.


What's in Zeolite AV?

  • Zeolite 1800mg
  • Humic Acid Complex 40mg
  • 45 Vegan Capsules Per bottle (2 per Serving)

zeolite cancer remedy


This specific Humic Acid in Zeolite Cancer AV has been shown in independent studies to coat and isolate the virus before it can attach to a healthy cell and multiply, thereby allowing our immune cells (now optimized from the zeolite) to find and eradicate the virus.


Watch the demonstration below on how these natural virus and cancer fighters do their job so successfully:


Anti-Viral Herbs

Zeolite-AV is made with a natural zeolite mineral that is combined with humic acid which makes it very powerful against viruses, pathogens and cancer. This zeolite cancer formula is the best all natural anti-viral supplement and best natural antibiotic you can find. Remember to keep your body as alkaline as possible because the viruses and tumors can't live in a highly alkaline body. Using a zeolites detox really helps because it is an alkaline mineral that traps and excretes excess acidity and the pathogens that feed off it.


I use alkaline water and eat plenty of green vegetables (mostly juice them) and that keeps me healthy and highly infection resistant. I use a water ionizer because it gets extremely high alkaline pH levels in the water, much more so than what you can typically buy in a store. When you're seeking to stop any type of infection you get much faster relief if you use therapeutic levels.


I highly recommend that you take Zeolite Cancer and Anti-Viral at the beginning of any symptoms of virus infection (helps for bacterial infections as well) it stops the virus from replicating and then cleans them out of your body safely. It is still wise to keep your body highly alkaline and your immune system as strong as possible to prevent further infections. 


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Zeolite Cancer Reviews

Here's some real people zeolite testimonial results. To see a complete list of zeolite testimonials visit: Zeolite Reviews. Here's how it is working for people who were needing a miracle recovery:

I have been having to have HPV lasered off my vocal chords about every 18 months since 1991. I started taking zeolites around the end of March. Three weeks ago, I went in for my 6 month check up after my most recent surgery. My doctor was astounded to find NO HPV visible!!! That is the best report I've had in ten years!

I plan to keep taking zeolites and would be grateful for any advice you may have as to amounts to take and for how long, so I may eradicate this virus. Both my doctor and I, are looking forward to my 12 month check up in October. He has about 40 patients like me. If I continue to have good results, he will suggest they call me for information. I am wondering if it is possible to obtain several more of your informative zeolite books? They would be a hot item in our community, I think.

Sincerely, Geraldine “Deanie” Adams


I would like to say how happy i am with the results of Zeolite-AV! I have been useing your excellent product for nearly 6 months. I have even recommended this product to some of my friends here in the UK.
Regards. Richard


Greetings to you! I have been using your excellent product Zeolite-AV for 3 months. I am very happy with it! Initially i started taking Destroxin, but have found Zeolite-AV a more powerful and effective product. I have noticed some changes – especially with my skin – which looks much better, and with my digestive system which is performing better.

I can see evidence that Zeolite-AV is working inside/out. I will recommend your products to my friends. I would like to use this product for the long-term future – because of the excellent benefits it contains. Would you reccommend this or not?

I was also very impressed with the free Zeolite book. I found this very imformative, and interesting. Its essential reading. I look forward to being a life-time customer. Thank you.

Regards. Richard Samuels


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

The order arrived Saturday (just in the nick of time!) It saved my life twice
already and I'm grateful to you for being so prompt.

Liz Hevey


zeolite testominal








How to Buy Zeolite-AV

To get current pricing, product specials, availability and complete reviews and testimonials click on the Zeolite Cancer and Anti-viral (Zeolite AV) bottle image below or visit: Zeolite-AV now. 

zeolite cancerZeolite-AV Benefits

  1. Stops Cancers & Tumor Growth (Recognizes & Smothers Them Out)
  2. Improves Immune System (Natural Cold, Flu Fighter)
  3. Traps & Safely Releases Nuclear Radiation Particles from Your Body
  4. Protects you from EMF radiation
  5. Smothers Viruses (Coronavirus, Ebola, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu)
  6. Removes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) & toxins
  7. Restores lost energy and health
  8. Makes your body highly alkaline (Disease can’t live in alkaline)


Zeolite Powder Detox


  1. Please how do I get this products, can this product cure and remove the Genital Herpes Virus?
    I live in Lagos Nigeria, I would like to place order if you ship outside the UK.

    Kindly reply and advise me.

    Best Regards,


  2. I have been using liquid zeolite, but I heard that the powder form is stronger. I have oral herpes and was hoping to get it out of my system. What product would you suggest? From what I understand it has to be micronized enough to enter my bloodstream and attach/remove the virus. Most powders only go as far as the digestion system.

    Thank you for your help, and have a great day.

    • HolisticOrganicHealth

      Hello Rhanae,

      The liquid can be powerful but it is much smaller in size and therefore not as economical if you have an active condition like herpes. The best thing for oral herpes is a combination of Zeolite-AV (which is powdered micronized zeolite with humic acid, which is even more potent against the herpes virus) and also use the zeolite pure powder. The virus that causes herpes is very small so them micronized crystals are most important. Here are the links to each one: Zeolite AV and Micronized Zeolite Powder. Use the Zeolite AV first to stomp out the viral replications of herpes and the zeolite powder to prevent further outbreaks. Also keep your immune system boosted as much as possible, here is a list of natural ways you can prevent and treat most pathogens naturally: Immune System Boosters. I’m sure this will help you feel much better!

      • How long would you expect it to take the zeolite av and zeolite pure used as directed to clear the system of the herpes virus? I took zeolite av for a week 4 pills 3 times daily and continued with the zeolite powder and it’s now been 4 weeks total. I’m contemplating getting another bottle of zeolite av to make sure all of the virus is at bay! I just had a vaginal culture done and Tests came back negative and please note I have never had an out break. I had routine blood work done and received news that I had both hsv1&2. I immediately took action and my prayer is that this will work. Please advise thank you.

        • HolisticOrganicHealth

          How long would you expect it to take the zeolite av and zeolite pure used as directed to clear the system of the herpes virus? I took zeolite av for a week 4 pills 3 times daily and continued with the zeolite powder and it’s now been 4 weeks total. I’m contemplating getting another bottle of zeolite av to make sure all of the virus is at bay! I just had a vaginal culture done and Tests came back negative and please note I have never had an out break. I had routine blood work done and received news that I had both hsv1&2. I immediately took action and my prayer is that this will work. Please advise thank you.

          I’m glad that you’ve taken immediate action, as that’s the best thing you can do. Most of us have viruses living in our bodies, but in an inactive state. It’s normal. It’s is not normal for them to ever become active, this happens when our immune system is in a weakened state and our natural killer cells are not recognizing the threat and the virus takes over. I would continue with zeolite powder in a maintenance dose, and take zeolite-av for 3-4 weeks.

          Also, it would be good to take some medicinal mushrooms as they are also proven to be highly active against viruses. What I use in my own personal medicine chest emergency kit is (zeolite powder, zeolite av, stamets medicinal mushrooms, colloidal silver (you can get a silver maker that you can make hundreds of batches on demand with distilled water) and a zapper (an electronic device that sends pulsed electricty through your blood stream that zaps pathogens on contact.), enzymes and probiotics. You should always take some probiotics (or kefir/yogurt) afterwards so they can put healthy bacteria in your body that will crowd out harmful pathogens.

          I hope this information helps,and I will also pray that it is successful for you.


          You can find info about the stamets mushrooms and zapper here:

  3. Can this just be taken to boost your immune system please answer back

  4. I would like to buy the product. Do we have suppliers in Kenya? If we don’t, how can I become a supplier?

  5. Can this work for Prostate Cancer in Late stages.. I would like to try giving it to my friend who has 4 months to live. Any suggestions for best mix?

    • What I would do is use the zeolite pure powder in the max dosage (3 times per day.) It can be taken with ellagic acid and bloodroot or black seed oil at different times so that the zeolite can do its work first. They can all work harmoniously, no guarantees as it is late stage, but at this point anything that can be tolerated (zeolite can be the easiest) could be tried. You can also see:

  6. I urgently need to know how to help my 10 lbs. Maltese dog fight Lymphoma. If you have any liquid form, that would be best since she is hardly eating. Please help!!!

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