How Does Zeolite Work?

How Does Zeolite Work?

How Does Zeolite Work? Zeolite Powder is a natural crystal that is formed when molten hot volcanic lava meets the minerals in cooler sea water forming what is called Zeolite Clinoptilolite. That scientific reaction infuses a highly energetic molecule with a honeycomb shaped form that is specifically charged to attracts toxins to itself and escorts them out of your body when taken internally in the form of zeolite powder or liquid zeolites.


Micronized Zeolite Powder is extremely powerful in it's ability to get rid of very harmful substances like viruses (Ebola, H1N1, HIV, Flu), Cancers and is the best Heavy Metal Detox on the planet. Not bad for one natural mineral with no known side effects. It is such a powerful alkaline mineral that it strips the outer layer off of viruses so your immune system can do its job and zap them and prevent you from getting sick. It is a great way to prevent viral infections like the flu or now a great Natural Treatment for Coronavirus.


How Does Zeolite Work


Zeolite Benefits

Zeolite Benefits are many and it can restore lost energy and health that is being sapped by toxins like heavy metals, radiation, viruses, pathogens and cancer cells. 


  • Detoxes Heavy Metals (radiation, fluoride, mercury) from your body
  • Exposes viruses (Ebola, HIV, Bird/Swine Flu, etc) and pathogens so your immune system attacks them
  • Shrinks tumors and heals from cancer naturally (highly alkaline)
  • Brings healthy alkaline balance to your body (disease needs and acidic body)
  • Restores lost energy and mental clarity


Anti Microbial

Not only is the #1 natural supplement on the planet that rids the body of heavy metals like radiation and fluoride, but it also a powerful anti-microbial that is the Kryptonite to the nastiest of viruses too. It is Zeolite's “unique honeycomb” properties that attract viruses and toxins and then strip off their stealth coating them so your immune system can now see them and successfully wipe them out of your body.


These viruses and malignant tumors coat themselves so your immune system can't see them and the do their damage unchecked. Not any longer! See: How to Boost Your Immune System. And then watch this animated video explaining how natural zeolite powder does its magic in your body and keeps you out of harm's way (you don't need to worry about the “latest” virus or pandemic if you take this regularly:



Zeolites Detox

Zeolites Detox traps and releases heavy metals (even nuclear radiation particles) from the body. It takes away the protection to cancerous cells and stops their growth. It is a powerful detox agent against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens and environmental toxins. It is also a natural immunity booster. It can quickly and safely cleanse these toxins out of your body, restoring lost energy that you didn't realize was being stolen from you by these substances.


Heavy Metals are toxic to the human body and particularly the brain. The most common harmful ones are: Fluoride, Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Radiation – like Iodine 131 and Cesium 137 to name a few. These can poison your body and brain, cause MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's and has even been linked to Mesothelioma. How Does Zeolite work? Zeolite crystals trap heavy metals (radiation, fluoride, petroleum residues) and removes them from your body quickly and safely.


Or if you prefer you can watch this brief demonstration of how the potent Zeolite molecule magnetically attracts, traps and releases toxins from your body here:


Zeolite Filters

Let's face it, our tap water is contaminated with fluoride, nuclear radiation particles, and heavy metals, chemicals, toxins and prescription drugs that people flush down the toilet and they end up in Your Drinking Water! You give this to your children, cook with and shower in (you absorb up to a quart of water by taking a bath or shower, not realizing how much crap you are taking into your body.


zeolite water filter


Heavy Metal Cleanse

Combine a natural zeolite detox formula and use a zeolite water filter like pure effect filter (it has natural zeolite powder crystals in it) and it will get the heavy metals and pathogens out of your water before they go into your body and steal your health. People that drink or absorb this tap water will almost always have digestive problems, diarrhea and regular stomach upset because the fluoride and other toxins destroy your healthy bacteria. Zeolite is a superior Heavy Metal Cleanse and Detox. 


When this happens the harmful bacteria and viruses see an empty house and can take up residence in your body and attack you when you're at your weakest (like under stress.) These toxins like Fluoride actually Cause dental cavities and gum disease. Check out the information on the Fluoride action network to see how safe Fluoride really is for you. Mercury in thermometers and compact fluorescent light bulbs and are so toxic you are supposed to call a Hazmat team to dispose of them properly. Safe? Yeah right!



Best Heavy Metal Detox Products

The Best Heavy Metal Detox Products are the ones that use micronized zeolite pure powder as a base like the Zeotrex (pictured above.) Our natural zeolite powder is a highly micronized (the smaller the zeolite crystal, the deeper it penetrates, this is important as viruses are very small and it needs to be this tiny size to attach to the viruses). 


Zeolite is a top quality heavy metal detox that is very economical and very effective. It is regularly tested to make sure the heavy metals it attracts naturally are cleaned so it has maximum absorption and bioavailability for your body. Here are the best natural zeolite powders, and their costs.

Zeolite PowderSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeolite detox440 Grams$59.99$13.75 +/-.17 Cents Per Gram
  153 Grams (5.4oz)$37.95

$4.95 +/-

(free over $50)

.25 Cents Per Gram


Click on the above Zeolite Pure or Super Z-Lite. You can buy zeolite powder now and protect yourself, family and loved ones against the heavy metals, viruses, toxins, radiation and harmful substances that we are forced to encounter on a daily basis. It gets the harmful stuff out after getting a vaccine, or many medical treatments like radiation and chemotherapy too!

Zeolite Powder Detox


  1. Do you have a store in Toronto and area that sells these products or a distributor I can just go and pick it up from?
    Could really use this products asap

  2. I am on a government benefit with a autistic son, he is high functioning. I really want to know if this stuff really works or is it another money waster. I cannot afford to waste the little money I have on a gimmick. I try to live as organic as possible, especially for my son its important. I am desperate to find something to rid my water of heavy metals and flouride for the sake of my sons future health and mine.

    • HolisticOrganicHealth

      Rebecca, I can identify with your concern for your son. I too have family members who are highly autistic and even one with Down’s Syndrome. The best you can do to rid your water from heavy metals like fluoride is to get your water from a water store that has reverse osmosis as a treatment (most do.) Then eat plenty of cilantro (a heavy metal detoxifier). The zeolite is powerful and if highly recommended if you have the budget for it. The best overall thing is to get a home water purifier when your budget permits. That way you’ll not have to worry about it again! Here is a list of other natural herbs and supplements that get rid of heavy metals from the body:

    • Hi, I’m using zeolite 3 years now and before that I was using green clay. They a both great but zeolite is much stronger detoxifier. I am heavy smoker. I found zeolite in my country Serbia. Its ex
      elent detoxifier

  3. Hi staff,

    I want to reply zeolite but I’ve heard that strong metal detoxers, even plant based ones line chlorrlla and cilantro, consumed in large quantities can move the metals from one place in the body to even a more worse place like the brain. I.e. That these cheating agents simply move the metals around the body sometimes to even more dangerous place but are not as safe in evacuating them completely from tithe body.


    • HolisticOrganicHealth

      Hello Mor,

      Great question too. That’s the main difference between natural zeolite powder and even plant based heavy metal detoxifiers. I use the plant based ones but they do tend to free them and allow them to roam the body unless they are excreted fast by diuretics. The zeolite is different and much better for this as it actually traps the heavy metals and viruses (malignant cancer tumor cells too) in it’s ionically charged honeycomb structure and then excretes it. It is by far the best thing to detox heavy metals, including fluoride and radiation. Hope this helps.

  4. I am curious to know of this can detox silicone, petroleum and plastic chemicals from a body..

    • Hello Scottie, zeolites work well against any substance that has a positive signature (harmful to the body), particularly if the size is small. Some of the plastics are larger than zeolite alone can trap, and they get stored in your digestive system, liver and intestines. Medicinal mushrooms and a supplement called pecta-clear work best for this. There is a zeolite formula called zeotrex (Zeotrex) that does this because it has the added medicinal mushroom extracts. There is also a GMO detox kit that does it, and you can find it here: GMO Detox

      • Hi does Zeolite take salt out of your body?



        • It probably won’t take salt out of your body unless it has some chemicals in it (from ionized table salt) which give off positive ions (positive in this case is its polarity not which is not beneficial.) Negatively charged minerals like zeolites and antioxidants are in this category because they balance out the free radical (damage causing) portion of things that can age and damage the body. Distilled water can help detox salt as well.

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