liquid zeolites

Liquid Zeolite

Liquid Zeolite

Liquid Zeolite is a powerful detox cleanse agent that protects your body against toxins, chemicals and microbes. Zeolite Liquid is based on pharmaceutical grade micronized zeolite powder made into an easy to use and take with you formula. It has the smallest molecule size and the highest bio-availability (your body can use it effectively). It has the highest concentration of natural zeolites there is. It has the power to get serious toxins (mercury, radiation, lead, aluminum, fluoride) out of your body.


It is a powerful natural anti-viral remedy that smothers out virus infections and prevents most viral outbreaks (Coronavirus, Covid-19 and variants, Ebola, Zika, bird flu, swine flu, influenza, HIV, H1N1, etc.) It's a natural anti-cancer fighter. Always have some on hand -it's the best natural supplement in the world to have when you come in contact with a contagious disease.


Liquid Zeolites are so easy to use, all you do is add a couple of drops directly in your mouth, or in any beverage and let it do it's work. As a preventative all you need to do is take it before you might come in contact with people that are ill, or after being in toxic environment. As a therapeutic dose, you will want to take it 3-6 times a day to detox or get rid of invading pathogens and smother cancers out of your body.


liquid zeolite uses


Liquid Zeolite Uses:

  • Removes Radiation Poisoning (airport scanners, cellphone, nuclear radiation)
  • Detoxes Heavy Metals (Fluoride, Mercury, Lead, Aluminum)
  • Flushes Environmental Toxins (chemicals, pathogens)
  • Stops Cancers Cold (stops malignant tumor growth)
  • Eradicates Microbials (viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins, fungus, yeast)
  • Boosts Your Natural Immunity (improves immune system and white blood cells)
  • Increases Blood Oxygenation 
  • Increases Red Blood Cells
  • Balances Your Body's pH System (increases alkaline removes acids)
  • Fights Free Radicals in Your Body (stops premature aging signs)
  • Increases Your Metabolism


Pure Liquid Zeolite

Pure Liquid Zeolite is one of the very best natural health remedies on the planet that can actually prevent sickness and Restore Health! This is the most important thing in my holistic health chest. I take at the first sign of any symptoms of illness, or general body weakness. I take it before I eat (and after) seafood, or when I'm not sure if something is really safe to eat or drink. 


Use it before you get really sick, or if you already are fighting off some type of virus or trying to defeat cancer naturally and safely. It is a potent natural antiviral so it can be used as a Natural Treatment for Coronavirus or influenza virus as well. Take it before you visit someone in a hospital (the most common place where people actually catch a disease or get ill.) Or before you go on a travel, or visit another country.


Take it before you're around a lot of children with developing immune systems, and getting tons of harmful vaccines (with live viruses and heavy metals in them.) The best liquid zeolite formula is Zeotrex (because it has organic ingredients and boosts immunity but costs slightly more) or Zetox (because it has the most pharmaceutical grade zeolite powder in it and is less expensive.)


restore health


Liquid Zeolite Reviews

Don't take our word for it; discover how people who detoxed from severe conditions did it – and quickly. For a full list of zeolite reviews see: Zeolite Testimonials:

“I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.”

Donna Mattingly


I have been taking Zeolite for just under a month now. I’m seeing a big difference in my energy, digestion and general well being. I am a cancer survivor and strive to maintain by immune system through acupuncture, vitamins and herbs. Zeolite was just the thing to add to my regimen. Thanks.

Robin T. Field


This is the first time I have tried Zeolite (I have a myriad of health problems) and from the first day of taking it I feel it is working to pull heavy metals and toxins from my system. During the past two weeks since starting taking it I believe I went through a sort of healing crisis and the pain in my left pelvis which I'd been experiencing for several months intensified after taking Zeolite until finally after only two week some bleeding occurred and a 3cm hard lump was produced, what I suspect was a uterine tumor which I am planning to take to my doctor for analysis.

The pelvic pain of several months has completely subsided and I am in total shock at what has happened. I have kept an excellent diet the last several months trying to get my immune and nervous system out of danger, my doctors have been of no use at all, my craniosacral therapist has helped me hugely, but the key to the burden of toxicity my body has built up is Zeolite.

I bought Zeolite to help with my mercury detoxing after my therapist recommended it, but what I have found is a powerful natural wide ranging detox agent. My advice to anyone with chronic health problems: 1)seek a really good therapist, 2)get your diet right, mostly raw, organic, natural supplements, 3)detoxify using green supplements and ZEOLITE 4)exercise.

Maha Aldoujaily


How To Remove Toxins From Body

How to Remove Toxins From Body Quickly? Zeolite Liquid formulas are the best simple answer for toxin, microbial and chemical removal from your body. Click on the Zetox Liquid Zeolite bottle below for More Information.


Liquid Zeolite

liquid zeolite


  • Removes Heavy Metal Contaminants from your body
  • Removes radiation poisoning from your body (cesium, plutonium, uranium)
  • Smothers Viruses Away (Nora Virus, HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola and many others)
  • Removes Mycotoxins (mold, fungus, yeast)
  • Improves Natural Immunity, removes toxins and revitalizes your whole body
  • Effective against most tumors and cancers
  • Makes Your Body More Alkaline (pathogens can't live in a balanced PH environment)
  • Most Natural Zeolite Content of Any Liquid Zeolite Available!
Zeolite Powder Detox


  1. What is the cost of the liquid zeolite and how can I get it?

  2. Interested in purchasing liquid zeolite.

  3. Riox Rheigh Frosher

    Has this zeolite been detoxified before incorporating into the product? I’m aware that zeolite is SO GOOD at absorbing contaminants that it must first be DETOXIFIED before using it.

    • Yes, it is zeolite pure, pharmaceutical grade. There are unpurified zeolite for non-medicinal uses such as livestock odor control and radiation waste cleanup. Zeolite pure is the right one for human medicinal usage.

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