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Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox

A Heavy Metal Detox using Zeolite Detox Capsules safely removes toxic and health robbing heavy metals from your body without you getting sick while they come up to be released. I did this myself when I got a whole mouth full of toxic mercury amalgam fillings (toxic heavy metal) out, all at the same time! My dentist wore a mask, while doing the before and after X-Rays (radiation is a heavy metal!) And also during the drilling out the heavy metal filings and replacing them with safer ceramic ones. I didn't even get the slightest headache, which is what I thought I would get, but I was protected by zeolites!


I now take some before and after I eat seafood (as this is full of mercury and radiation now, as well as parasites in undercooked fish.) Even our water has toxic fluoride, lead, flushed medicines, and parasites in them. I don't want to risk all that ending up in my body and leading to severe illness or Alzheimer's. That's why I wanted to find a natural heavy metal detox and discovered the very best!


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How to Detox From Heavy Metals

Since I discovered how to detox from heavy metals naturally and safely, I have been able to help people that were severely poisoned by heavy metals poisoning (one woman lives in Flint, Michigan, and was deathly ill.) I heard about how good it was at detoxing metals, but it was great to see how sick she was, and how well she recovered after using zeolites.


Zeolite powder is the best heavy metal detox agent on the planet. You can use Zeolite Powder, Liquid Zeolite or Zeolite Capsules depending on whether you prefer to mix the powdered zeolites in a beverage, or prefer the ease of use and transport of liquid or capsules. They will all work very well and protect you against some very toxic situations. Zeolite naturally boosts your immune system and restores lost energy and vitality.


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Chemical Detox

We live in a sometimes toxic world where chemicals are in all our foods, drinking water as well as in the air we breathe. We can't always control the environmental toxins we encounter, because we have to breathe air, we have to eat food, and drink water. Fortunately zeolite is not only the best heavy metal detox it is also a natural chemical detox as well!


Those people who choose to eat non-organic foods are even more flooded with the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) that make your body highly acidic and a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It is such a powerful antiviral that it is being used as a natural Coronavirus Treatment. Zeolite has been shown to balance the body’s pH (parts of hydrogen, a measure of the acid/alkaline balance in the body). As we get older our bodies begin to become more acidic, which allows disease to take up a stronghold in our bodies. 


A good solution is to choose organic or wild-crafted foods. Drinking ionized water, eating alkaline forming foods (lemon and citrus fruits) and taking alkaline supplements (most ionic minerals, particularly zeolite) will release the acidity and bring our bodies back to a healthy alkaline state. 


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Destroxin Uses

Destroxin® will quickly remove heavy metals, including radioactive particles from your body. It does this by using Natural Zeolite Powder. This unique formula is proven to trap the harmful toxins, heavy metals and radiation and then release them from your body.

  • Quickly Boosts Immune System
  • Shields you from EMF radiation (cell phone, wireless, smart meters)
  • Shuts-off Viruses (Corona Virus, HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola and many others)
  • Detoxes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) & toxins and revitalizes the body
  • Effectively stops cancers food source too
  • Makes your whole body alkaline (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)



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Radiation Detox

Destroxin, with zeolite powder gives you a potent heavy metal detox and Radiation Detox (radioactive particles are heavy metals) as well as detox our bodies of disease and cancer causing agents. It does this by including natural powdered zeolite into it's formula. This is the Zeolit molecule that is proven to be effective in all of the scientific studies, as well as in real life radiation spills like Fukushima and Chernobyl. It is a powerful detox supplement that can help your body recover very quickly from many illnesses.


What’s in Destroxin?

  • Micronized Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) 1600mg
  • Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) 100mcg
  • Calcium Carbonate 144mg
  • 90 Capsules per bottle (serving size is 2 capsules)


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Zeolite Testimonials

Destroxin a superior heavy metal detox and is an easy way to take zeolite. See how well it is working now for lots of people by reading the following Zeolite Testimonials that show how is helping save lives and restore health rapidly. It protects you from a world of toxic chemicals, heavy metal poisoning, radiation and microbials too. It has the same benefits as our Natural Zeolite Powder in easy to consume capsules. Here's what a few people who are using Destroxin are saying now:


I have been using your product in capsule form with very promising results. I am being treated for heavy-metal toxicity, and during the last 3 months I stopped other adjunct therapies (like EDTA and DMPS IVs, and Chlorella) in order to give your product a more reliable and valid test. A recent provoked urine test (Doctor's Data lab test) showed a 50% decrease in Hg.

N. Fedan, Ph.D.


I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.

Donna Mattingly

My friend Sue called me on Sunday and wanted me to tell you how wonderful she is feeling since taking your product Destroxin. She said that she can smell things and taste things and everything is so wonderful that she just had to let you know how much she appreciates getting her life back.

Janet Perdock


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Zeolite Capsules

Destroxin with Zeolite is the best heavy metal detox you can get period. If you want the most economical way then use Zeolite Pure as it is the same zeolite heavy metal detox in bulk form. To get current pricing, specials, availability and see reviews and testimonials click on the Destroxin image below or visit: Zeolite Capsules now and be ready for any “outbreak” or “toxins” that you come in contact with. 


Destroxin Benefits

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  1. Detox Heavy Metals Quickly and Safely
  2. Boosts Immune System (removes mycotoxins, yeast, fungus)
  3. Shields you from EMF radiation (cell phone, wireless, smart meters)
  4. Shuts-off Viruses (HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Zika..)
  5. Improves Blood Oxygen Levels
  6. Improves Cardiovascular Function
  7. Increases Red Blood Cells
  8. Increases Bone Density
  9. Natural Cancer Remedy
  10. Makes your whole body alkaline (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)
Zeolite Powder Detox

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